Norwell Clipper Barbershop


The Challenge

Bringing Back the Classic Look for Norwell Clippers

We were recently hired by the owners of Norwell Clippers, a beloved local barbershop, to refresh their exterior and interior signage. After years of exposure to sun, rain, and snow had caused the Norwell Clippers signs to fade and peel, the owners wanted to restore the shop’s classic barbershop aesthetic while retaining their iconic branding. In addition, they sought a cost-effective solution to update the store’s business hours displayed on the front entrance as seasons changed.


Sucess Factor

Collaborating closely with the owners, our team designed and produced new custom signage focused on showcasing Norwell Clippers’ established logo and identity. We replaced the faded front sign with a vibrant new version proudly displaying the shop’s trademark emblem. Sleek new window graphics gave the storefront an eye-catching facelift. Inside, we updated the business hours sign with a convenient and cost-effective option that features rotating panels – one side with winter hours, the other with summer hours. This innovative sign saves the shop time and money compared to replacing the vinyl twice a year.

The refreshed interior and exterior signage help re-establish the classic barbershop look and spirit that Norwell Clippers is known for in the community.