Half Helmet Shell


The Challenge

The Half Helmet company recently reached out to discuss a new product idea they were working on – the Half Helmet Award Plaque. The concept was for a miniature half helmet that could be mounted on a wooden plaque and customized with any school’s colors. It would be given out as an award during school sports banquets and ceremonies. The plaque could feature the school’s name and have space for an engraving with the recipient’s name and award details. Half Helmet envisioned this being a unique way for schools to recognize outstanding student athletes.

Sucess Factor

Customization – Offer schools complete customization options for the plaque colors, engraving, and school logo imprinting. This will allow each plaque to feel like a unique, special award tailored to the school.

Affordable Pricing – Price the plaques competitively to appeal to school athletic budgets. Offer tiered pricing for basic vs. premium customization options.

Quality Materials – Use attractive, durable materials like solid wood bases and metal helmets to make the plaques feel substantial.

By focusing on customization, targeted marketing, pricing, prestige marketing and quality, Half Helmet can make their plaque concept stand out and appeal to schools looking for a unique athletic award.